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ISRS Guideline Project

This process represents a mentorship strategy to develop the next generation of leaders in radiosurgery as each project lead is matched with a senior academician.
Our main objective is to provide standards for all, in order to use and support globally the safe practice of radiosurgery.
The first phase of the ISRS guideline project is now completed. 
Current topics and primary authors are as follows:
The next set of guidelines has now been scheduled. Please see below the proposed new topics:
  • Cavity SRS: Kristen Redmond and Arjun Sahgal
  • Post-Op Spine SRS: Salman Faruqi and Antonio De Salles 
  • AVM Spetzler 1 and 2: Christopher S Graffeo and Bruce E. Pollock
  • Pituitary non-functional:  Rupesh Kotecha, John Suh and Shoji Yomo
  • Pituitary Secretory: David Mathieu and Jason Sheehan
  • Multiple Brain Metastases (>5): Steve Braunstein and Lijun Ma
  • Technologic Considerations for Metastases: Alexis Dimitriadis and Ian Paddick
  • Non-CS Meningioma: Marcello Marchetti and Laura Fariselli