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ISRS Guideline Project

The ISRS guideline project is well under way in its first phase. Initial drafts are being developed and we expect to be complete in 2016. This effort represents a mentorship model to develop the next generation of leaders in radiosurgery as each project lead is matched with a senior academician. Our aim is to provide standards for all to use and help globally the field of radiosurgery to be practiced safely. Our current topics and primary authors are as follows.
  • SRS for Epilepsy: Aileen McGonigal and Jean Regis
  • Tic: Constantin Tuleasca and Marc Levivier 
  • Brain metatasis 1 to 4: Sam Chao and Arjun Sahgal
  • Brain metastasis 5 to 10: Hany Soliman and Lijun Ma
  • Spine tumour de novo: Zain Hussain and Sam Ryu
  • Spine SBRT retreatment: Sten Myrehaug and Antonio DeSalles 
  • Acoustic neuroma: May Tsao and Ian Paddick
  • Tremor: Nuria Martinez-Moreno and Roberto Martinez
  • AVM: Frank Lagerwaard and Ben Slotman 
  • Cavernous Sinus Meningioma: Justin Lee, Jason Sheehan