Our Committees

Our active members are at the forefront of clinical and scientific trends and best practices and play a critical role in shaping the future of SRS, SBRT and related focal therapies. This is why the ISRS Board of Directors appoints committees including member participation. These committees put our mission into action, ensuring we make a meaningful difference for our patients’ outcomes while driving innovation. Our officers stay informed on committee progress through regular updates.

View our committees below to learn more and see current chairs and co-chairs. We welcome member participation in the activities of our committees. If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please contact us:

  • Recommend (before the upcoming biennial Congress) to the Board of Directors names of members worthy to receive the Jacob I. Fabrikant Award
  • Recommend (at the biennial Congress) to the Board of Directors names of members worthy to receive the Best Poster Award, the Young Investigator Award and the Young Professional Award
  • Review any other award suggestions that are requested by the President

Chair: Jason Sheehan (Vice-President)
Members: Laura Fariselli (Ex-Officio), Thierry Gevaert (Secretary), Marc Levivier (Past President), Arjun Sahgal (President)

  • Review the bylaws annually and make recommendations for revision as necessary
  • Collect and review proposed suggestions for revision
  • Advise the Officers and Board of Directors and provide detailed knowledge of bylaws during board meetings

: Jason Sheehan (Vice-President)
Members: Laura Fariselli (Ex-Officio), Marc Levivier (Past President)

  • Develop and promote the ISRS Certification Service, including certification award ceremonies
  • Maintain a list of minimum standards for ISRS Certification and update as needed
  • Recruit a Certification team from Officers, Board of Directors and members on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinate Certification audits
  • Suggest possible expansion and growth of the Certification Service to the Board of Directors

Co-chairs: Ian Paddick (Ex-Officio), Marc Levivier (Past President)
Members: Caroline Chung, Hyun Tai Chung, Elena De Martin, Mark De Ridder, Antonio De Salles, Laura Fariselli, Matthew Foote, Thierry Gevaert, Diana Grishchuk, Patrick Hanssens, Milton Ixquiac, Andreas Mack, Uriel Novick, Nikos Papanikolaou, Tim Solberg

  • Create and edit the ISRS newsletters and make contributions/suggestions for their scientific content
  • Create and edit the Congress proceedings and make contributions/suggestions for their scientific content
  • Manage the content and quality of all print and online communications, including the www.isrsy.org website and all social media channels, providing suggestions to improve and increase traffic
  • Review content and test new pages prior to release
  • Add, repost, share and like posts on social media channels on a regular basis

Chair: Laura Fariselli (Ex-Officio)
Co-Chairs: Birgit Fleurent, Darien Laird
Members: Sam Chao, Elena De Martin, Ciro Franceze, Andrey Golanov, Alessandra Gorgulho, Matthias Guckenberger, Cecelia Gzell, Rupesh Kotecha, Michael Lee, Simon Lo, Marta Scorsetti, Ben Slotman, Constantin Tuleasca

  • Supervise and coordinate all aspects of the ISRS Congress with the local organizers
  • Advise and provide suggestions for the Congress scientific content
  • Report regularly on the progress of the organization of the Congress to the Officers of the Society and at each Board Meeting

hairs: Arjun Sahgal (President), Jason Sheehan (Vice-President)
Members: Lily Angelov, Gene Barnett, Sam Chao, Laura Fariselli, Cecelia Gzell, Marc Levivier, John Suh, Martha Tobin

  • Advise the Board of Directors on all projects concerning education, events, and virtual networking opportunities in the fields of SRS, SBRT and other focal therapies relevant to the Society
  • Organize Educational Courses and events to allow ISRS accreditation of individual members and potential members and to engage with industry and other societies
  • Organize the pre-Congress Educational Course
  • Ensure CME accreditation of the ISRS Congress
  • Ensure that the online communication on courses and events are up to date and relevant
  • Launch and promote ISRS endorsed events/courses and ISRS sponsored events/courses
  • Set up criteria for ISRS endorsement and sponsoring of events/courses

Chair: Marc Levivier (Past President)
Members: Members to be announced soon

  • Define and develop clinical guidelines in SRS and SBRT
  • Support development of clinical guidelines in related focal therapies
  • Support ISRS members in implementation of guidelines

Chair: Arjun Sahgal (President)
Co-chairs: Alex Louie, Rupesh Kotecha, Shoji Yomo
Intracranial : Laura Fariselli, Alessandra Gorgulho, Rupesh Kotecha, Marc Levivier, Lijun Ma, Ian Paddick, Jean Regis, Arjun Sahgal, Jason Sheehan, John Suh, Shoji Yomo
Extracranial : Thierry Gevaert, Matthias Guckenberger, Mi-Sook Kim, Rupesh Kotecha, Simon Lo, Alex Louie, Arjun Sahgal, Marta Scorsetti, Ben Slotman, Allison Tree

  • Review and advise the Board of Directors on all applications for membership and accept or refuse the new members on a regular basis. Responsibilities also include the evaluation of a member’s professional conduct if requested and suspension if appropriate (Article 4, section 2.D.)
  • Collect additional names and/or databases for promotion to attract potential members for the Society or Congress participants
  • Arrange ISRS Business Meetings with Affiliated Societies, Academic Partners, Corporate Sponsors and KOLs at the Congress

Co-chairs:  Alessandra Gorgulho, Daniel Trifiletti

  • Present candidates for election by the Board of Directors not less than sixty days before the biennial Congress General Assembly of the Society

Chair: Laura Fariselli (Ex-Officio)
Members: Marc Levivier (Past President), Arjun Sahgal (President), Jason Sheehan (Vice-President)

  • Identify research opportunities under the ISRS umbrella. The research committee examines specific areas of SRS, SBRT and related focal therapies to address scientific and clinical questions, and collates and conducts specific research projects
  • Initiate international research collaborations

Co-chairs: Jason Sheehan (Vice-President), Thierry Gevaert (Secretary)

  • Secure financial support, partnerships, collaborations and other business development opportunities to enable ISRS to implement its educational and certification programs, research initiatives and scientific congresses in fulfillment of its mission

Chair: Thierry Gevaert (Secretary)
Co-chair: Birgit Fleurent
Members: Cecelia Gzell, Alessandra Gorgulho, Arjun Sahgal, Jason Sheehan

  • Maintain the webinar program and ensure new webinars are given at least on a monthly basis
  • Approach potential speakers to contribute to the webinar program
  • Promote and increase attendance to the webinars
  • Set up and maintain CME credits for webinar attendance

: Arjun Sahgal (President), Constantin Tuleasca, Alexander Louie