Clinical Newsflash

We are especially pleased to share important clinical news with our global, interprofessional community!

The first two SBRT guidelines for non-CNS indications have been published in Lung Cancer and are available in PubMed.

Co-author and Chair of the ISRS Guidelines Committee, Dr. Arjun Sahgal commented:

"These guidelines are specific to ultra-central lung tumors and lung oligometastases and represent a major achievement as the ISRS continues to expand as a leading international organization at the forefront of emerging trends and novel techniques in SRS, SBRT and other focal therapies."

Co-author and Co-chair of the ISRS Extracranial SBRT Guidelines Committee, Dr. Alexander Louie provides a detailed summary of the guidelines in the following video and commented:

"The lung was one of the first anatomic regions for which extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy was explored, and so it is very fitting that the initial ISRS extracranial guidelines are on the topics of SBRT for lung oligometastases and ultra-central lung tumors, both published in Lung Cancer."

Through the definition and communication of highest quality clinical guidelines, ISRS supports practitioners worldwide in the implementation of SRS and SBRT as a cornerstone in the management of various cancers, benign tumors and functional conditions, leading to improved patient outcomes and cutting-edge standards of care.

All ISRS guidelines are available online.