Certified Centers

At ISRS, we are dedicated to recognizing centers that demonstrate high standards and best practices in quality and performance across the entire treatment continuum including patient selection, treatment planning, dosimetry, and patient care in intracranial SRS. The following centers have completed the ISRS Certification process and achieved ISRS Certification:

ISRS Affiliated National Societies
"Collaborating with Ian, Thierry and the rest of the ISRS certification team has been an incredible educational experience. It was rigorous, it was comprehensive, and it ensured that we optimized treatment delivery and provide the best care possible."
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Domagoj Kosmina
Chief Medical Physicist at Radiochirugia Zagreb

Interested in Becoming ISRS Certified?

The ISRS Certification signifies your center’s commitment to delivering exceptional SRS treatment and adherence to clinical and technical best practices, benefiting your patients. The program is vendor-agnostic and equally suited for experienced centers or those that have implemented SRS programs but may not yet be treating larger numbers of patients or indications.