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ISRS connects you to a global community of experts who share your passion for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) and other focal therapies. We provide you with continuous opportunities to share your knowledge and discover best practices to improve outcomes for your patients.

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Open to neurological surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiation biologists, dosimetrists, nurses and radiologists.

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Open to any professional whose work involves research applicable to the practice of radiosurgery and to health professionals interested in the practice of radiosurgery.

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Patient Association:
$270 Biennial
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Young Investigator: (Medical Student, Resident or Fellow) 
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The Local Society must have a minimum of 10 members to filiate to ISRS and at least 1 ISRS Active Member from the Local Society.

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The academic institution must be a sponsor of ISRS and must have a minimum of 5 members, with at least 1 active member of ISRS.

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"So ISRS is really a unique society in the sense that it's an interprofessional society society for SRS, SBRT and other focal therapies, which is really a multidisciplinary approach. And the society allows radiation oncologists, neurosurgeons, physicists, even people from other disciplines to gather together and exchange. And you cannot find that in any other society."
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Prof. Marc Levivier
President of ISRS

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