September was a busy and exciting month for SRS in Elekta, with ASTRO taking place in San Diego and ESSFN being hosted in the headquarters’ hometown Stockholm

At ASTRO 2023, Elekta showcased the entire product portfolio, including Elekta Unity with comprehensive motion management. This means gating by analyzing soft target movement in real-time MR imaging. With this, the principles of stereotactic radiotherapy/radiosurgery can now not only be applied to stationary tumors but even moving soft tissue targets. Several Unity sites are already using this in clinical practice and expect it to become a game changer for the treatment of indications currently unavailable for SRS/SBRT. 

Customers were also excited about Elekta One, Elekta’s newest software platform that will unify all the different stand-alone software systems to provide a single experience for now and into the future to keep up with the ever-changing technology, for the benefit of the users and their patients.

Elekta Unity at ASTRO 2023

Back in Stockholm, Elekta took part in ESSFN 2023. It was an honor to see the first Lars Leksell Award being handed out by Caroline Leksell, and to see so many of Elekta’s users speaking on the treatment of functional indications with Gamma Knife SRS and how it can preserve patients’ quality of life. Bringing hope and access to treatment to patients is at the core of Elekta’s values, so it was an additional pleasure to see the interest in the EANS/ESSFN European Diploma of Radiosurgery training on Vestibular Schwannoma.

Lars Leksell Award handed out to Prof. Marwan Hariz by Caroline Leksell

Elekta at ESSFN 2023

Lastly, September also marked 6 months since the installation of the newest Leksell Gamma Knife, Elekta Esprit, in Sheffield, UK. Over 500 patients have been treated since the clinical start, a great success for the National Center for Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Sheffield and more so great news for all patients that already benefitted from the treatment for their brain lesions, vascular malformations, or functional indications. Learn more about the gentle and effective Gamma Knife treatment experience in this video or learn more about Elekta Esprit on the Elekta website.