Enhancing and Expanding the CyberKnife® Treatment Platform for the Field of Radiosurgery

Accuray October 2022

The CyberKnife® System is highly precise and versatile, it is capable of delivering non-invasive treatments with sub-millimeter precision and accuracy anywhere in the body. In radiotherapy, we identify two main fields, known as radiation oncology and radiosurgery, including spine indications.  Radiosurgery to the brain and spine are the most challenging to treat, and we want to provide neurosurgeons the tools to treat these indications with greater confidence and reproducibility. Our goal is to enhance and expand the CyberKnife treatment platform for the field of radiosurgery, enabling neurosurgeons to take advantage of the high precision that the CyberKnife System is capable of.

The foundation was laid when the CyberKnife System was first created, designed by a neurosurgeon FOR neurosurgeons. We must continue to progress in this area to redefine what is possible in planning and delivery of radiosurgery treatments, creating more customized treatment plans for more patients. This helps achieve our vision, to expand the curative power of radiation therapy to improve as many lives as possible.

Our partnership with Brainlab increases our radiosurgical capabilities. Clinicians now have access to a suite of Brainlab Element tools that allow them to contour, fuse and manipulate images to create accurate target volumes before planning. Brainlab is a key player in the neurosurgery and radiosurgery planning market, when combined with the CyberKnife System we help to solve some of the major clinical challenges of the radiosurgery field. We believe that collaboration not only creates an environment that allows cohesive digital ecosystems and more seamless workflows, but also drives progress forward with a united goal of expanding treatment options and improving outcomes. Powerful synergies lead to meaningful innovations.

Alongside our collaboration we have also made enhancements to Accuray Precision® Treatment Planning System. We can now provide clinicians seamless image transfer and advanced features to group multiple metastases allowing smooth planning capabilities. Another advancement includes the ability to define targets along the anterior and posterior commissure. This oblique slicing will help neurosurgeons apply stereotactic atlases to define the target area effortlessly.

By leveraging Brainlab elements with Accuray Precision Treatment Planning System and the revolutionary synchronization technology on the CyberKnife System, maximizes treatment efficacy.

In summary, the CyberKnife System is:

  • Fast – Our systems can optimize radiosurgery treatment plans in minutes, including spine indications. The CyberKnife System can deliver non-coplanar, isocentric or non-isocentric plans in as little as 15 minutes
  • Precise and Accurate –  Treatment is continuously delivered with sub-millimeter accuracy and precision
  • AI-driven – The robot repositions the treatment beam in real-time when the target moves
  • Comfortable for your Patients – A CyberKnife procedure is not disrupting the life of your patients during and after treatment

Our commitment is to expand treatment to not only tumors and lesions but to functional diseases, including tremors, and other neurological conditions.  Now that neurosurgeons have access to these combined powerful tools, we hope to see more patients benefiting from the CyberKnife System, providing treatment options to more patients for more indications.

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