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Committees 2015 - 2017

The Board of Directors appoints, from among its members, committees which contribute to the function of the ISRS. Most of these committees are composed of a Chair and a minimum of two members of the Board of Directors.

Regular reports by the committees are evaluated for action by the officers of the society.

Awards Committee

This committee is in charge of recommending to the Board of Directors nominees for the Jacob I. Fabrikant Award, the Best Poster Award and the Young Investigator Award. 

Chair: Laura Fariselli
Mikhail Chernov
Antonio de Salles
Patrick Hanssens
Masahiro Hiraoka
Motohiro Hayashi
Marc Levivier (Ex-officio)
Ian Paddick
Samuel Ryu 
Arjun Sahgal (Ex-officio)
Jason Sheehan
Ben Slotman
Fang Fang Yin

Education Committee

This committee is in charge of informing the society about new opportunities for education and events in the field, CME course, practical training and scientific content as well as updating our social networking groups.

Co-Chairs: Arjun Sahgal (Ex-officio, ISRS Guidelines Project), Jason Sheehan, Fang Fang Yin

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is in charge of reviewing and voting on all applicants for membership to the ISRS and to generate interest in membership.

Chair: Ian Paddick

Publications Committee

This committee is responsible for editing and producing the congress proceedings, editing the members' newsletter and keeping the website up to date and informative.

Co-Chairs: Laura Fariselli, Masahiro Hiraoka, Ben Slotman

Congress Meeting & Scientific Program Committee

This committee supervises and coordinates all aspects of the ISRS Annual Meeting and advises for the Congress' scientific content.

Co-Chairs Congress: Mikhail Chernov, Motohiro Hayashi, Marc Levivier (Ex-officio), Ben Slotma, Jean Régis

Bylaws Committee

All requests for changes are collected by this committee which reviews the bylaws annually and makes recommendations to the Board for revision where necessary. Revisions of the Constitution & Bylaws have to be agreed upon unanimously by the ISRS Officers and Board Members. The adopted changes are published on the website and in the members newsletter (including details, description, dates & vote results).

Chair: Patrick Hanssens

Nominating Committee

This is a function of the Constitution. The Nominating Committee presents membership candidates for elections to the Board of Directors, the office of the ISRS and to the Secretary no less than 60 days before the biennial Congress of the ISRS.

Chair: Samuel Ryu (Past-President)
Antonio De Salles (President)
Laura Fariselli (Secretary Treasurer)
Ian Paddick (Vice President)