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    Dear Colleagues,
    We are happy to support the survey below, which is part of a interdisciplinary standardization initiative for radiosurgery.
    Are you someone who is actively involved in target contouring for cranial radiosurgery? If so please take 4 minutes to complete the brief survey from the link below. Please choose the answer nearest to your personal or unit clinical practice.
    We wish to collect preliminary information on the range of contouring practice across platforms and across the world, as target contouring may be the greatest source of uncertainty in radiosurgery.
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  • International Study Evaluating MR Image Quality for Radiosurgery

    Stereotactic radiosurgery is a high precision treatment for tumors in the brain. Since the target volume for treatment is defined on MR images, the spatial fidelity of these images is of critical importance.
    While many institutes to date offer SRS treatments, guidelines and criteria for MRI and CT geometrical fidelity are currently lacking.
    Many institutions have their MR images acquired within their diagnostic radiology departments. As spatial fidelity if of less concern for diagnostic purposes, the diagnostic MR images may suffer from geometric distortions.
    Evaluating the variability in spatial fidelity across practices, potential impact on delivered treatment and identifying common sources of geometric distortion will help determine whether this concern should be priority for the community and generate data for the development of recommendations.
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  • ISRS Welcomes the Latvian Therapeutical Radiology Association

    ISRS is proud to announce that Latvian Therapeutical Radiology Association members have now joined the ISRS as affiliated members.

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